Osayande Aiwerioghene

By July 18, 2017Click It
Hey, Dear reader
What’s up?
I’m Osayande (OR-SAR-YANDEY) LOL,
I’m a tireless seeker of knowledge, new ideas, 
an occasional purveyor of wisdom and coincidentally
I’m a photographer.
My mom once told me that I will live the life of a magical gypsy 
and it is important for the world that I tell the stories of the many people I encounter on my journeys.
It’s what I’m working towards.
There’s no surprise that Photography is the love of my life, I’m endlessly inspired by the faces of people, nature, culture and adventures.
I love waking up to new horizons and of course, making friends with people 
Think we could create something together?
Feel absolutely free 
IG and Twitter @iamOsayande_
Thank you for stopping by.