The Bewildered Soldier (Part 1)

By July 18, 2017Short Stories


Running through the forest, realisation hit me hard as i take in my surroundings. I see that survival is my way of life. I now feel as one with the place loving the feeling i get when im here.i know the forest like i know the back of my palms. I feel new things as usual and decide to head back home feeling satisfied . This is me, this is who I’ve become this is my lifestyle Walking home still delighted with myself, I stop fascinated by what i see ahead of me. Far ahead i see a figure of astonishing beauty, so fair and bright. He seems like a God, dressed in khakis shorts and a short sleeved white shirt. His face is perfectly structured , his skin glowing in the rays of sunlight. I follow him as he heads towards the village, when he stops majority of the villagers take notice of him but pay no attention and continue with their daily activities. I’ve fallen in love, he is perfect, my beautiful stranger. My beautiful stranger stops and ask a native woman for directions to a place, from her description i can tell that he seeks to see the king. I follow him as he approaches the palace with few other villagers, i blend in with the crowd. On getting to the palace, the guards direct him to the kings chamber. The villagers and i who follow him sit down on the floor and wait for the king to come out and address my beautiful stranger. The king finally comes out and my beautiful stranger greets him in his language, which i don’t understand but bewitches me more. He brings out different objects from the satchel and hands out different objects to each of us in the room. He brings out a piece of glass and hands it to me, we make eye contact and i stay mesmerised by the colour of his eyes but the stare gets intense so i break eye contact. I observe the piece of glass well carved with no edge jutting out. Raising it, i see my reflection , my small eyes that have lost its colours spots scattered around my face, my bony cheeks, pointy nose and full lips. I see no beauty and i hang my head in shame .Disappointed by what i see, i decide to drop the piece of glass down. Walking away like the rest of the villagers, i brood over what happened moments ago, i decide to pick up the piece of glass that i now claim as mine. I look at my reflection once again touching my eyes and remembering the glow they once held. Now they are lost and swollen.