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Ogunkanmi Moyinoluwa



I’m Ogunkanmi Moyinoluwa
Studying Accounting in Unilag
All my life I’ve always wanted to create animations, i didn’t merely just watch cartoons as a child, i wanted to create mine;to take my ideas and turn them into two dimensional pieces of art. My toons serve as a stepping stone towards achieving my dream. I began drawing toons after secondary school in preparation for life ahead as an animator. Though the confines of life have placed me in school, studying to attain a white collar job, the joy i derive from making toons and animations will always be my driving force. Feel free to contact me on IG- Moyicii.
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A Sitout with Niyi Okeowo



A passionate storyteller, Niyi Okeowo engages the viewer with his candid view of universal emotions. Well-known for his colorful and playful palettes, Niyi Okeowo takes inspiration from his everyday encounters to engage the viewer with his expressions of universal emotions. His ability to integrate his work and personal life enables Niyi to establish a connection with the viewer (Culled from his LinkedIn Profile). Today we get to sit with him and understand art the way he does.


 Hi Niyi. Quite nice of you to join us today. Please introduce yourself and give us a quick reminisce about background

 Niyi Okeowo: I am Okeowo Adeniyi Mohammed, a multidisciplinary creative passionate about mental health who love creating for a living.

How did you discover your flair for art and photography?

 Niyi Okeowo: I’ve always been a lover of the arts, from drawing back in school to taking random images with my mom’s point and shoot fuji camera.

At what age did you learn to use the camera?

Niyi Okeowo: 21

What would you say are the limitations to photography in Nigeria?

Niyi Okeowo: Exchange rate, Traffic, Electricity and fuel issues.

Do you think mastering graphic designing is a prerequisite to be a good Photographer?

Niyi Okeowo: It isn’t but it helps with art direction and creative direction.

What is your creating process like? How do you arrive at your desired output either in photography or graphic designing?

Niyi Okeowo: Research, experiment and create.

Is there any challenge common to people in the photography sector and how can they be solved?

Niyi Okeowo: Image rights, image crediting.

Who would you say has had an influence in your life with respect to photography?

Niyi Okeowo: Obi Somto, Ty Bello, TCD, Hedi Slimane and David Bailey

A boy likes Graphic Designing and Photography but can’t learn both at once. If you’re supposed to sway him towards Photography or Graphic Designing, what would you tell him?

Niyi Okeowo: Pick the one you think is easier to learn and would serve you long term.

What do you think about this platform?

Niyi Okeowo: Its a wonderful one, any platform that promotes creativity is always a good one.

Give a shout out to someone you think we should interview also


Any advice for creatives in general?

Niyi Okeowo: Not really an advice, more of a mantra. Do more of what makes you happy, life is short.

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Anthony Azekwoh



This is a piece I’ve been working on for sometime. I’m always a fan of working on new designs and getting into new things. Here you go

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Tejiri Ziregbe



Drawing to me has always been an easy way of relaxing. I am mainly into realistic portrait drawing, which is very easy and straight forward, but other times I feel the need to do more. The need to relate to my society and anyone else who could understand me, at these times I draw conceptual or imaginary art, like the first of this collection. It is a form of tribute to the Nigerian fashion, and all brides and all women. Proof that our culture tho dark in some areas is still very beautiful.

Other drawings in my portfolio include those of inanimate objects, it seems though that I am quite into the stringed musical instrument.
There’s not too much stories behind my drawings, I simply draw what I feel like and I try to make myself proud along the way.

The sniper at the top is one I call the price 2 (focus) which is the second drawing in a series called THE PRICE it show a sniper aiming at a far of target so aware of it that he loses site of so much beauty around him as well as danger, and yet in the midst of it all, and no mater how tragic his story ends beauty would remain beautiful, as the faries dance beneath his gun, and an enemy trains a gun at his head

The second is the third piece called THE PRICE 3 (freedom) which depicts an African woman reaching higher for something unseen as she throws away a leaking calabash, it holds her efforts within but it’s a waste, it leaks. So the hard work she had put in has been her burden, which is why I urge everyone to be like her and let go of that burden, don’t be afraid to reach for something better, don’t be afraid of freedom These ones are the gems in my collection

some of my other works

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