Darker Pieces

By August 1, 2017Poetry

Death has come again, come to steal, comes everyday, lurks for a while watches you in your sleep, counts the time; your soul he must eat.

Your life the very bane of his existence, eternal war you never win but you ever die.

Why? Why death? why? Fingers cold like the under of a your smouldered pillow, wet dreams and black thoughts; your time has come but you don’t know yet.

He has come for your soul he sits by the bedside with a scythe and a sword, a warrior he is a warrior he was.

Yes he was, but after a while he was cursed, he was lost, he became a monster with no remorse.

Babies, adults, seniors and all no matter what, he’ll eat you  right up.

Dancing with sinners blinded by the veil of iniquity, he speaks softly to you, but his sword he is unsheathing.

It goes through you like stone in a river your body begin to quiver, his mission is done; life is taken and again he roams on.

Marvelous Ikpea