“For The Tough Times”

By August 1, 2017Poetry


Nine months she braved
For the eighteenth year she craved
Crawling turned to walking
Then you reached for the sky while she prayed
An optimistic face when the times proved difficult
Still joyous and a little tough

Ran out to the world
Then you fall she was at your call
Through the puberty
The treatment with impunity
The insults and curiosity
The team player ever present supporting you
For better for worse when she’s with you

Crowds form confusion storms
Her smile intoxicates like rum
She opens the window when your heart is on the run
Work in the office
Second job is at home
Even when you’re bad you’re never alone

A gift from above
The pride of a mother is her own
Never misses a moment
Always interested in your future hence enrolment
You always want to leave saying you won’t come back
Dinner’s on the table when you’re ready
Love is waiting in the back

Never too tough
Never too little
She’ll never bring you down or make you feel like brittle
For better for worse she’s with you
My mother my mother
I thank you