Interview with Rémy ‘The Savage’ Baggins

Hey guys!

Q- Rémy The Savage, how are you doing?

RB – I’m doing great, feeling good!

Q- Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

RB – I’m Urenmisan Solo-Edema, first born and only boy in a family of 3. Born 20th Of December ’95. I’m an Itsekiri-Urhobo hybrid from Warri, Delta State. I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, sound engineer and multi instrumentalist… (I love horror movies and Pringles, and I stalk people for fun 😊)

Q- What led you to music?

RB – I started playing instruments at a very young age, so I always had a deeper ear for the music I heard as I was growing up. Started writing songs and making beats on my keyboard for fun when I was 9-ish, then things got serious when I heard “Not Afraid” by Eminem in 2010. It was in that moment I realized that I’ve been afraid of everybody my whole life and I could actually make music work.

Q- Did you try singing before choosing production?

RB – They kinda started at the same time, so I didn’t ‘choose’ production, I just got more recognition as a producer than as a singer.

Q- How many songs have you produced

RB – To be very honest, I’ve lost track of the total number of songs I’ve produced… but on SoundCloud I opened a playlist of songs produced by me that are on that platform and there are about 20 songs… I think.

Q- Which song would be the best you’ve produced?

RB – I personally feel “paranoid” by myself is the best song I’ve ever produced.

Q- You just released E I G E N G R A U. What gave you the inspiration to do it?

RB – After dropping my debut tape, “VIV” last year, I wasn’t satisfied because I knew I could do better than that so I started planning to release a new project. As I was planning/making the beats, some stuff happened that left me depressed for months. During that period I made a list of things that have made me feel down over the years and I decided to make them the subjects in my new EP, and to make those sad thoughts into sweet sounding songs.

Q- You are gaining a lot of fans and as such people are looking at you from everywhere. Which artist are you looking forward to working with locally and internationally?

RB – We gotta thank God for that 😊

I really really want to work with Brymo, Bez, Asa, Cobhams, Burna Boy and Niniola. On the international scene, I would love to work with Eminem, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, The Weeknd, Sia, Diplo, Kendrick, the amazing Justins (Bieber & Timberlake) and Timbaland!

Q- What do you think about this platform?

RB – I think it’s beautiful and inspiring. Encouraging and supporting young talent is one of the most beautiful ​things one can do in this life, people who do that deserve a spot in heaven imo.

Q- Give a shoutout to someone you think should get interviewed also

RB – Higo & Straff! They killin’ it bro!

Q- Any last words for your listeners out there?

RB – Please keep listening and sharing my music! Don’t be scared to share, it’s really important! 🙏

You can listen to EIGENGRAU below or other songs he has produced