Obinna Obioma

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A self taught portrait, fashion and fine art photographer, Obinna Obioma is based in Abuja, Nigeria although shuttling between West Africa and the United Kingdom. Over the years, His work has metamorphosed from simple portraiture to having its defined style, theme, motives and direction making dub him as one of the fast rising young Nigerian photographers. His work is centred around individuality, identity which is mostly portrayed best with his love for the female body and feminine aesthetics elements while still celebrating his strong African heritage which has been fused with western culture. Mr Obinna as he is mostly referred to has worked with major brands and clients both in Nigeria and abroad. His most recent project; titled the Noir Project is about individuality showcased in the elegant but simple black and white medium while being lit with just natural light. It’s an open ended project that he hopes to use to cut across creeds, nationalities and locations; also hopes to exhibit it someday, in his words “perhaps when I hit 1000 people”. “Noir for me is about showcasing persons. It’s about bringing to life images that speak a million words even though being in black and white. Aesthetics for Noir are not the usual norm (any gender can be a part of it) as I hope to deliver images that make you feel like you know the subject while wondering who they are” – (Obioma 2016) His work can be viewed at

  • Ebun

    This is so beautiful. It’s amazing what great minds can produce