The Cry Of A Little Black Girl

You treat me different because of the color of my skin
I’m segregated because I have more melanin
Though we think alike, act alike and talk alike,
You have the upper hand because of your dislike
We were moulded by the same creator
So tell me why you think it’s right to be an intimidator
You think you rule the world but guess what,
Your skin is not made of gold
Just because our forefathers were sold
Does not give you the right to trample on our soul
My brothers and sisters lay six feet under
Their lives, taken by gunshots that sounded like thunder
Police brutality,
Made us lose our serenity,
You expect us to sit back,
Why you carry on destroying because you lack humanity
All this because of your fear
Your fear to lose control
To lose the dominance you’ve ever known
But listen to me now,
Loud and clear,
MLK did not die for you to remain unfair
Nelson Mandela did not fight for is message to go unheard
You cannot suppress the greatness that my people possess
I shall progress,
We are not animals that we should be caged
We are not objects that we should be displayed
How are we to explain to the younger generations
That they are beautiful just the way they are
When there is no validation
That they can be comfortable in their own skin
All I hope for is a world of peace
Now is that too much to ask?


Oreoluwa Awoeyo

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