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Interview with Bliizzy



It’s bliizzy with us today for an interview. Read below

Q: When and why did you start making music?

Bliizzy:  I started making music officially about 2-3years ago, took it serious in my final year in high school but before then it was just jokes and going to the studio to record songs for the school’s end of the year party or to vibe with classmates. Why?  I’d say its passion and talent because almost everything i do revolves round this music thing

Q: Which instruments do you play?

Bliizzy: I play a little of the Violin and guitar, guess I’ve always had strings attached, violin while i was younger though

Q: Is your family in support of your music?

Bliizzy: My family… Well I’ll say yes but basically they want me to get my engineering degree first then i can do “whatever it is i want with my life” as my Dad would say

Q: Which famous musicians do you admire and why?

Bliizzy: I admire a whole lot of them but I’ll list a few and why

1) Fela anikulapo kuti – This man is everything music to me, his life is a lesson, his music, his attitude, lifestyle, everything inspires me

2) J.Cole – Jermaine Cole because this man has set a standard worldwide… Platinum twice, no features

3) Burnaboy- His versatility is something i feel every artiste should have

4) BankyW – he’s been in the game for so long and he’s been able to stay clear of scandals and baby mama drama and the likes

A whole lot more but let’s leave it at that

Q: Which famous musician have you learnt from?

Bliizzy: I’ve learnt from Fela, Burnaboy, Phenom, Sess, M.I the list is endless because i listen to different people’s sounds to learn from them, i even learn from upcoming artistes too

Q: Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Bliizzy: This might sound funny but i was influenced by Fela’s music, i have all his albums then… M.I’s first tape and album (M.I and illegal Music 1) then J Cole’s born sinner to mention a few

Q: Who are your favorite musicians?

Bliizzy: Bliizzy, Burnaboy, Jessejagz, Phenom, J.Cole, Kendrick left to me these guys can’t do no wrong in my sight

Q: Do you perform in public? Describe the occasions

Bliizzy: Yes i perform in public,  I’ll perform anywhere that has a crowd whether it’s a concert, party, dinner ,sport event, anything as long as there’s a crowd to entertain you just might find me there

Q: How do you manage to handle mistakes during a performance?

Bliizzy: Mistakes are inevitable but should be strongly avoided but it there happens during a performance I’ve learnt NOT to end the performance at that point… Keep going, someone might just think it’s scripted its showbiz

Q: Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Bliizzy: Yes i used to because i was always scared that the crowd won’t vibe with me or listen because I’m not “blown” yet or something but now i just go on to enjoy myself and make sure i cop at least a new fan after every performance

Q: Do you attend sessions? What makes a good session?

Bliizzy: Yes i attend sessions, even had the opportunity to attend a few sessions with SESS and from what I’ve gathered a good session is not necessarily you recording 20 songs in one day

A good session is everyone being ready to work and creating a masterpiece, and yes a good session should have food too

Q: How often and for how long do you practice?

Bliizzy: i practice unconsciously everyday might just catch a vibe and make it into something very meaningful build on it and record it on my phone or write it down Or at midnight might be up writing rap or trying to hit a few notes to train my voice. There shouldn’t be a time frame to how long you practice your art

Q: How do you balance your music with other obligations?

Bliizzy: The only obligation i have outside music is school and more music and I’ll just say it’s God that’s helping me juggle both. But being honest It’s stressful and i thank God for my Mother and team that are always there to support and advise me whenever i get frustrated and I’m about to give up because I’ve actually thought about dropping both one time

Q: What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Bliizzy: Go on stage and enjoy your music, you didn’t make it for your ears alone, if you enjoy what you do and it’s great people would vibe with you and listen



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Interview with Foresythe



Ayomide Foresythe released a song titled “For Two” earlier this morning and it’s a soft and catchy song specially targeted at the love birds. We deemed it fit to interview him also. Read the short interview below and Bump to his stuff.


Great to have you here Foresythe.  Briefly introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background


Foresythe: Ladies and Gentlemen … it’s Foresythe ! I’m an 18 year old artist from Lagos,Nigeria .


When did you start music?

Foresythe: I started music when I was in primary school really but started professionally in my first year in uni .


Why did you choose music? Are you songs exact reflections of how you feel?

Foresythe:  I can’t really say I chose music , i think music chose me , you get ? 


What kind of music do you do?

Foresythe: Yeah my songs reflect a certain part of my soul and i can somehow release the burden of stress in some of my songs .


We really enjoyed your collaboration with Jinmi Abduls. Should we be expecting new music soon?

Foresythe:  My new song which I’m certain is a hit dropped this morning. It’s titled For Two .️



Your song “Kerewa” was a real hit amongst listeners.  What inspired it and we’re you happy with the reviews you go from it?


Foresythe:  Kerewa wasn’t inspired by anything , it just happened . The feedback I got from it however was amazing . Big shoutout to everyone bumping my shit ❤️️❤️️❤️️.



You are gaining a lot of fans and as such people are looking at you from everywhere. Which artist are you looking forward to working with locally and internationally?

Foresythe: I’d say I’d love to work with Davido , Wizkid , Ycee among others I look up to locally and Casper , AKA , Nasty C , J.Cole , Dave Santan amongst others internationally. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Foresythe: 5 years from now I’ll be big .


What do you think about this platform?

Foresythe:  This platform is really dope , thanks for having me and thanks for your patience.


Give a shoutout to someone you think should get interviewed also

Foresythe: I’ll recommend Fefe fab for your next work .


Any last words for your listeners out there?

Foresythe: To everyone really showing love , thank you so much ❤






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Interview with Tim Lyre



We’re with Tim Lyre today everyone. Read the interview below


Hi Tim Lyre, so nice of you to join us today. Introduce yourself please and tell us a bit about your background


Tim Lyre: Hey, thanks for having me. I’m Tim Lyre, I’m a 23-year- old Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.


When did you realize you wanted to get involved in music?


Tim Lyre: I was introduced to music at a very young age, you know, I trained as a classical pianist for about 3 years from about age 10 and then I moved to jazz and gospel piano, and I was also raised in a church choir and I’ve taken a few music theory exams, I basically know a lot about that music theory world but the first time I realized I wanted to make music myself was in 2006 or 2007 I think, when I heard the song “Ordinary People” by John Legend. Still my favourite song of all time by a mile, the piano work and the arrangement and the lyrics and the man’s voice, incredible and so I was like, I want do that, surely I can do that. I didn’t seriously start making my own music till about 2011 though.


Why did you choose music? Are your songs exact reflections of how you feel?


Tim Lyre: I chose music because it just made sense to me, a lot of things in the world I find myself constantly trying to understand, especially people, people are hard to deal with, Music helps me process and make sense of everything going on around me. Most of my songs are definitely drawn from personal experiences but I write from a third party perspective sometimes, about other people’s situations and experiences and relationships and what not.


What kind of music do you do?


Tim Lyre: The music I make we can call Alternative/Afro Fusion. I say this cause it’s a somewhat eclectic mix of influences from genres including R&B, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Afrobeat, Afropop, I take elements mainly from these genres to make the kind of music I make.



Who is/are your major musical influence?


Tim Lyre: There are so many artists who Inspire or influence my music not just because of the music they make, it may just be their personal style or their writing style, different things basically, but I would say the most significant for me right now are John Legend for his musicality, Kanye West for the artistry, Fela for his vision and his visceral approach to music, and in more recent times, Chance the Rapper and Daniel Caesar for the way they infuse gospel into Hip-Hop and R&B and Soul and the sound is still incredible.


What was the song ‘Forever’ about? What also inspired it?


Tim Lyre: Forever is a song by the amazing artist D-O, which I produced. We were in the studio the day after the news broke about the sad loss of DJ Olu who was a dear friend to D-O and the mood was very sombre and the lyrics came from a very real place for D-O and as he was singing a few lines, I was just laying down the Keys and then the Bass and the Drums and everything came together very organically in the space of about an hour or so, and the song was mixed and mastered and released a couple days later I think. The song though is for anyone who’s ever lost a friend or a family member or a loved one just to let them know that even though life is short and fleeting, the memories of our lost ones will live on forever in their Legacy and in our hearts.


This time last year, we were all jamming up to Circa’ 94. How did feel about the reception it got?


Tim Lyre: That was a crazy period cause I honestly did not want to put out the project till the very last minute but I was pleasantly surprised at the reception it got, It got a lot of people into the music and the comments were great, a couple people reviewed the project and they loved it and it gave me a certain type of validation, you know, that I was on the right path and It just inspired me to always make better music.


Which of your songs would you say is your personal favourite?


Tim Lyre: That’s a tough one, but of all the songs I’ve released, its definitely “Mornings”, because of the emotion behind the song, I guess.


Most of your fans want to know whether there is a possibility of an album this year.


Tim Lyre: I was supposed to release an album in August but there were some new developments, however, there is still a slim chance that I’ll release an EP at the very least before the year runs out.


Any other collaboration with artists we should be anticipating?


Tim Lyre: Yeah, I’ve got a really cool song with the incredible Joyce Olong called Right Now which I’m hoping to release before the year runs out, and I’ve also been working a lot with July Drama, who is a fantastic new artist. Worked with quite a lot of people this year actually but I’ll keep the rest to myself, for the surprise factor, you know.


What do you think about this platform?


Tim Lyre: It’s a great platform, it’s helping present new artists and creative people to different audiences which is always cool.


Give a shout out to someone you think should get interviewed also


Tim Lyre: Easy. July Drama. The guy is a true artist in every sense of the word.


Any last words for your listeners out there?


Tim Lyre: I am continually grateful that anyone is out there listening to my music and It can only get better and better from here. Thank you so much.



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Interview with Minz



Great to have you here Minz. Briefly introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background

Minz: My real name is Oluwadamilola Aminu, I’m a Nigerian Artiste/Songwriter/Producer. I was born in Surulere, Lagos to Mr and Mrs Aminu. I was brought up in Lagos and had my primary and secondary education here. I studied international law and diplomacy at Babcock University and graduated in 2016.


When did you realize you wanted to get involved in music?

Minz: I’ve always been interested in music, always been in love with it. When I got into university I finally got the chance to get into it and that was when I realized I wanted to do it full time.


Why did you choose music? Are you songs exact reflections of how you feel?

Minz: I chose to do music because it’s the one thing I’m most passionate about. I’m doing this because I absolutely love it. Sometimes my music is rather fictional and sometimes my songs are influenced by things in my life. It’s a bit of both.


What kind of music do you do?

Minz: I make Afrobeat music sprinkled with spiritual vibes


Who is/are your major musical influence?

Minz: I’m influenced by Fela, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Wizkid, Wande Coal and many other great musicians.


We got to know that you produce also. Did you try this before you started singing or it’s just something you felt you should know how to do after entering the music industry?

Minz: I actually got into production coincidentally. I already knew I wanted to make music and I needed to sing over instrumentals so as first I’d download beats to sing on. As time went on I realized I didn’t wanna do that, I wanted my own beats and fortunately for me a friend of mind has Fruity Loops (a software for making beats) and he taught me a few things and I’ve been producing since then.


Which do you enjoy most? Singing or Producing?

Minz: I love both sides but I’m a bit more passionate about singing.


What was the inspiration behind “Odoyewu ” and were you comfortable with the reception it got?

Minz: Odoyewu was like a freestyle actually. Mowizzy (he co-produced the song) and I were just going through different beats we had made and he had a sketch of the beat for Odoyewu. So we finished the beat, I vibed on it and that’s how we got that song. Yeah the reception has been awesome, it’s actually like my favorite song to perform.


What song of yours is your favourite?

Minz: Every new song I record lol. I love recording and every time I make a new song, I play it and play it endlessly lol.


Most of your fans want to know whether there’s an EP or album on the way soon or that collaboration with Wande Coal ?

Minz: Haha. I’m working on a project that might drop soon and I’m actually working on some collabos with some dope artistes so expect some heat soon


Any other collaborations with artists we should be anticipating?

Minz: Yup. Working on a few things.


If there’s something you can change about the music industry, what would it be?

Minz: The challenges that upcoming artistes face in promoting music. I would make it easier for artistes to get their music on the necessary platforms and enable good music to be heard.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years considering you’re a youngster making waves at the moment?

Minz: In five years I hope to have my music heard around the world and with God’s grace, break records and achieve great things. I wanna make Africa proud, promote our culture and by then I hope to have a big enough platform to influence people around the world.


What do you think about this platform?

Minz: I think you guys are doing an amazing job in curating this culture and promoting young artistes.


Give a shoutout to someone you think should get interviewed also

Minz: Mowizzy


Any last words for your listeners out there?

Minz: I’d like to say that I appreciate every single person listening to my music and supporting me. Wanna let them know that I’ll never let them down.



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