Interview with Deromagic

We spoke to Deromagic guys and here’s what he had to say


Great to have you here Deromagic. Briefly introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background

Deromagic: My full name is Aderoju Adeniji; I’m from a royal lineage in Ife, Osun state.  I’m the second born in my family and we’re just 3 boys.


When did you realize you wanted to get involved in music?

Deromagic: The moment was in JS2 in ISL (International School of Lagos). Here’s the story, so I and my g Damola (@Oddyhimself) were in my class and things were a bit dull because we had a free period, so we started freestyling next thing the whole class was feeling the vibe then we jumped on the tables and gave them a lit performance right there. It was crazy because this was my first time doing something like this but it all felt so natural, I’ll say since that day I knew music was my calling.


Why did you choose music? Are your songs exact reflections of how you feel?

Deromagic: Music chose me. Yeah they are an exact reflection of how I’m feeling when I’m writing the song.


What kind of music do you do?

Deromagic: I do magic music, makes sense? Whatever song I do no matter the genre will always feel like me, and me putting myself into the music means a part of me is in whatever song of mine you’re listening to. So magic music.


Who is/are your major musical influence?

Deromagic: Kendrick Lamar is a big influence for me. When Kendrick raps you feel the emotions he’s expressing to you, and that’s something I have incorporated into my music as well. Being able to let people in on how I’m feeling.


What was the inspiration behind “Trapping in My City “?

Deromagic: Man, I won’t say TIMC is one of my deepest songs but it’s a song I knew would be catchy and that’s what I needed at that point, something to catch the ears of the audience before I bring out my less mainstream music.


What was it like working with your producer for “Trapping in My City”?

Deromagic: Shout out to @HIFYTECH. We’ve done a couple of songs together already so he knew i always came with a vibe+  By the time i was done recording the song was already sounding lit so he just had to jump on it. Glad he did.


You recently released the video for Trapping in My City. How was your relationship with the director?

Deromagic: Lol, Shoutout to @NelsonEGH. He’s like a brother to me because i’ve known him all my life literally. So it was just great that we could both collaborate as creatives and make something dope.


Most of your fans want to know whether RJE (Rock Jocks Ent.) is still alive and is there a possibility of tracks with the members or even an album?

Deromagic: RJE is dissolved and the rebirth is Magic records, Still the same members with a couple new acts. Magic will definitely release a group tape in the near future.


Any other collaboration with artists we should be anticipating?

Deromagic: As of now, no. Just expect to hear the different sides of the enigma “DEROMAGIC”.


What do you think about this platform?

Deromagic: It’s great, shout out to Pentablets! This is my first interview and i can assure you in years to come that this will go down in history as one of those moments where greatness met greatness. Just keep doing you.


Give a shout out to someone you think should get interviewed also

Deromagic: @magna16bars


Any last words for your listeners out there?

Deromagic: To all my MAGICIANS out there just know i’m destined for greatness and with each song i release you will be able to tell also. So never stop believing in me or yourself.  Bless up.