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Subomi Disu

Olasubomi Disu 

Studying architecture in unilag 

Born February 13

I Started photography 3 years ago but just as a fling 

But I try to approach photography in a different manner 

I see pictures photographers take and i get bored 


Cause they’re plain Just a different pose, a finger on the shutter button and that’s all 

But I know other photographers; 69 views, poby, Ifeme C.S, TSE, BTG. 

We bring in chemistry, creativity, mind blowing concepts. Personally, I believe diversity rules over the narrow minded way of picture taking. So I decided to also tap my creativity from graphic design. Manipulate scenes, capture and edit something natural to out of the norm

Photography isn’t just ‘ouuu fine face, pose and smile’ then a picture is taken. People that do that aren’t called photographers, you can classify them as ‘camera men’. There are factors to consider, direction of natural light, intensity of artificial light, proportion, speed of the subject and alot of other things

Something people don’t know is that I’m self taught

I am creativity

I am poetry

I am diversity 

I am Subomi the photographer 

Feel free to contact me on IG: subomi.thephotographer

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